UIPI Structure

Elected Organs

The UIPI ASBL* is composed of elected representatives from national associations organised in several elected organs: 

  • President,
  • General Secretary,
  • Vice-Presidents
  • Treasurer,
  • an Assistant Treasurer,
  • an Executive Committee (composed of representatives from member associations as well as the above mentioned elected organs),
  • and a General Assembly.


*Association Sans But Lucratif  (ASLB)– association without lucrative purpose

Brussels Secretariat

The work of the association is supported by the Secretariat based in Brussels. The role of the Secretariat is mainly to conduct the Public Affairs, policy research and communication activities of UIPI.


A large network of experts, coming from national associations, provide expertise and input on topic relevant to the association.

Working Committees

Depending on the need, specialised Working Committees are established on particular topics which are of interest to the association. 

Honorary Members

Honorary members are previous members from national associations involved in the activities of the UIPI which have been awarded “honorary membership” for their outstanding contribution to the association.







UIPI ASBL (Association Sans But Lucratif  – association without lucrative purpose) is registered under Belgium Law since 2006  (Register n° 882 810 955), seated in 76, rue du Lombard – Bruxelles – Belgique, and registered in the joint European Commission and European Parliament’s Transparency Register of interest representatives under ID number: 57946843667-42.