UIPI to discuss “Smart Homes” at its Berlin Congress in June

On 9-10 June 2017, the 44th annual UIPI Congress will take place in Berlin, gathering representatives from national property owners’ organisations, European and national policy-makers, experts from the financial sector and high-profile researchers.

Hosted by Haus & Grund, the largest German association of property owners and member of UIPI, this year’s Congress will be held under the topic “Smart Home“. Investing in smart homes is becoming more and more popular in Europe as new technologies enable homeowners and occupants to “take control” over their homes. Smart devices allow for steering energy consumption, door locking and arming security systems using a smartphone. The Congress aims at discussing the opportunities and risks of smart homes. Particular attention will be given to how the European legislature and homeowner associations could contribute to develop a concept on smart homes.



Survey on “Smart Buildings”

In the light of the upcoming Congress in Berlin on the topic “Smart Homes”, UIPI is currently conducting a European-wide survey among owner-occupiers, landlords and tenants on smart devices.

The survey is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese. 

The deadline for taking part in this survey is 28 May 2017.