The voice of property owners in Europe!

30 associations in 28 countries in Europe

Representing 5 million landlords and owner-occupiers

Owning 20 to 25 million dwellings

Welcome to the UIPI website

UIPI is a pan-European not-for-profit association comprising of 30 organisations from 28 countries. Jointly, they represent more than 5 million private property owners and some 20 to 25 million dwellings. Founded in 1923, the UIPI aims to protect and promote the interests, needs and concerns of private landlords and owner-occupiers at national, European and international levels.



Continuation of URBAN Intergroup in the European Parliament

UIPI strongly welcomes the continuation of the European Parliament Intergroup URBAN and is looking forward to collaborating with its members in the future. On 11th of December, the list of the European Parliament Intergroups was validated by the European Parliament Conference of Presidents. Thanks to the effort of MEP Jan...

Next UIPI Congress 2015: Young people entering the European Housing Market

The 43rd UIPI Congress will take place in Oslo, Norway, on 27th and 28th June 2015.The focus of this year event will be on “Young people entering the European Housing Market”. For more information and registration click here!

Property Day 2014: Stakeholders Discussion on the Effectiveness of Private Rental Markets

On 18th of November, the UIPI has held its annual Property Day to discuss the Effectiveness of Private Rental Markets in the light of recent EU and national developments. The purpose of this year’s event was to take stock of European level developments in relation to private rental markets within the...